How long has it been?

…too long really.  Shortly after I set up this page, I tried having a traditional web page which ended up being more complicated than I wanted and ever so very expensive.  Now that adventure is finally over and I am all geared up to try this page again…slowly…I did set up a Facebook page.  You can check that out and a little of the things I have been working on right here.  Feel free to friend me while you are there.

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Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to have my own comic book.  Odd as that may sound, since I have and intense disliking for SuperHeroes in general, I couldn’t resist the connection of drawing and writing-my two favorite activities.  All through my young life, I was that kid that drew all day during class.  While I was in high school I drew an extremely short-lived comic strip in the very early days of Cristy C. Road‘s Green Zine.  I traded comics with Stéphane Delevacque all the way out in France and had my own tiny little poorly managed graphic design company.  This sure is shaping up to be a charming little story, isn’t it? But, unfortunately, I let myself get distracted with stuff like listening to other people’s lack of faith in me and graduating college.  Time sure does fly when you are wasting it, just kidding! I did meet some truly amazing people and I am writing a book.

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